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jaw-dropping adjective

unfavorite favorite
increíble, asombroso

jaw noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
mandíbula, quijada; mordaza (de una herramienta)

Ejemplos de uso de
jaw noun

  • He broke his upper jaw.
  • the jaws of a tiger
  • the jaws of a vise

drop verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dropped, has dropped, is dropping, drops
dejar caer, soltar; gotear; mandar; caer(se); bajar, descender; abandonar, dejar; omitir

Ejemplos de uso de
drop verb

  • Be careful not to drop the chair on your foot.
  • She dropped the apple core into the trash can.
  • They dropped bombs on the city.
  • He dropped the vase and it shattered into pieces.
  • The player dropped the ball.
  • The pen rolled to the edge of the table and dropped to the floor.
  • The book dropped from my hand.
  • The ball dropped between the right and center fielders.
  • She was so tired she felt she would drop.
  • He worked until he dropped.

Traducción inversa para jaw-dropping

increíble  - incredible, unbelievable 
asombroso  - amazing, astonishing 
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