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adjective | verb

inspired adjective

unfavorite favorite
inspirado, acertado

Ejemplos de uso de
inspired adjective

  • She gave an inspired performance.
  • He was an inspired choice for the role.

inspire verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
inspired, has inspired, is inspiring, inspires
inhalar, aspirar; inspirar; estimular, animar; infundir

Ejemplos de uso de
inspire verb

  • He inspired generations of future scientists.
  • Her courage has inspired us.
  • His discoveries inspired a whole new line of scientific research.
  • Her first novel was inspired by her early childhood.
  • The news inspired hope that the war might end soon.

Sinónimos detallados para inspire verb

Ver: Encourage

Traducción inversa para inspired

acertado  - accurate, correct, on target 
inhalar  - to inhale 
aspirar  - to inhale, to breathe in, to aspire to 
inspirar  - to inspire, to inhale 
estimular  - to stimulate, to encourage 
animar  - to encourage, to inspire, to animate, to enliven, to brighten up, to cheer up 
infundir  - to instill 
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