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hook verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hooked, has hooked, is hooking, hooks
abrocharse, engancharse; enganchar

Ejemplos de uso de
hook verb

  • The train cars were hooked together.
  • My sweater was hooked on a branch.
  • I hooked the door shut.
  • The dress hooks in the back.
  • The two parts hooked together.
  • He hooked a large fish.
  • He hooked his arm around my neck.
  • She hooked her fingers around the doorknob.
  • He hooked his thumb through a loop of his pants.

Traducción inversa para hooking

abrocharse  - to fasten, to hook up 
engancharse  - to get snagged, to get hooked, to enlist 
enganchar  - to hook, to snag, to attach, to hitch up 
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