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unfavorite favorite
tío abuelo

great adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
grande; intenso, fuerte; eminente, distinguido; excelente, estupendo, fabuloso

Ejemplos de uso de
great adjective

  • The project will require a great amount of time and money.
  • He lived to a great age.
  • The building was restored at great expense.
  • The low cost of these products gives them great appeal.
  • a great quantity of fish
  • all creatures great and small
  • There is a very great need for reform.
  • They're in no great hurry to finish.
  • There is a great demand for his services.
  • an actress of great charm
  • Is there any love greater than that between parent and child?

Sinónimos de
great adjective

uncle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tío; (informal) compadre, camarada, chaval

Ejemplos de uso de
uncle noun

  • I have three uncles and two aunts.
  • My Uncle David is visiting next week.

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