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noun | adjective

game noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
juego, diversión; partido, concurso; caza

Ejemplos de uso de
game noun

  • He enjoys poker and other gambling games.
  • She scored a goal to tie the game.
  • We played a few games of chess.
  • That was a good game!
  • She won the first two games, but lost the set and the match.
  • They are known to play very rough games.
  • She has a strong all-around game.
  • She needs to improve her game if she wants to win the championship.
  • They're a football team with a strong running game.

Sinónimos de
game noun

game adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
listo, dispuesto; cojo

Sinónimos de
game adjective

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Traducción inversa para game

juego  - play, playing, game, sport, gaming, gambling, set 
diversión  - fun, amusement, diversion 
partido  - (political) party, game, match, support, following, profit, advantage 
concurso  - contest, competition, concurrence, coincidence, crowd, gathering, cooperation, assistance 
caza  - hunt, hunting, game, fighter plane 
listo  - ready, clever, smart 
dispuesto  - ready, prepared, disposed, amenable 
cojo  - limping, lame, wobbly, weak, ineffectual 
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