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float verb

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floated, has floated, is floating, floats
poner a flote, hacer flotar (un barco); flotar; hacer flotar (una empresa); vagar, errar; emitir (acciones en la bolsa)

Ejemplos de uso de
float verb

  • She was floating on her back.
  • We watched the ice floating in the river.
  • Will this material sink or float?
  • The incoming tide will eventually float the ship off the reef.
  • dust floating through the air
  • They floated the logs down the river.
  • She floated gracefully across the stage.
  • His voice floated to the back of the room.

Sinónimos de
float verb

Traducción inversa para floated

hacer flotar  (un barco)
flotar  - to float 
hacer flotar  (una empresa)
vagar  - to roam, to wander 
errar  - to be wrong, to be mistaken, to miss, to wander 
emitir  (acciones en la bolsa) - to emit, to give off, to broadcast, to issue, to cast (a vote) 
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