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fill verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
filled, has filled, is filling, fills
llenar, ocupar; rellenar; tapar, empastar (un diente); cumplir con, satisfacer

Ejemplos de uso de
fill verb

  • May I fill your glass for you?
  • She filled her house with antiques.
  • His massive body filled the doorway.
  • He has enough books to fill a library.
  • Two hundred people filled the room.
  • fill a sheet of paper with writing
  • a vase filled with flowers
  • stadiums filled with cheering fans
  • The rivers have filled and are close to flooding.
  • The stadium filled more than an hour before the game.

Sinónimos de
fill verb

fill noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
fill noun

  • They delivered a truckload of fill for the trench.
  • we ripped the tag off years ago, so we have no idea what the fill in that pillow is

Sinónimos de
fill noun

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Traducción inversa para fill

llenar  - to fill, to fill up, to fill in, to meet, to fulfill 
ocupar  - to occupy, to take possession of, to hold (a position), to employ, to keep busy, to fill (space, time), to inhabit (a dwelling), to bother, to concern 
rellenar  - to refill, to stuff, to fill, to fill out 
tapar  - to cover, to cover up, to block, to obstruct 
empastar  (un diente) - to fill (a tooth), to bind (a book) 
satisfacer  - to satisfy, to fulfill, to meet, to pay, to settle 
relleno  - stuffing, filling 
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