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exist verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
existed, has existed, is existing, exists
existir; subsistir, vivir

Ejemplos de uso de
exist verb

  • She believes that ghosts really do exist.
  • It's the largest galaxy known to exist.
  • Does life exist on Mars?
  • The Internet didn't exist then.
  • We shouldn't ignore the problems that exist in our own community.
  • Racism still exists in our society.
  • The organization may soon cease to exist if more funding isn't provided.

Sinónimos de
exist verb

Traducción inversa para exist

existir  - to exist 
subsistir  - to subsist, to live, to endure, to survive 
vivir  - to live, to live, to be alive, to go through, to experience, to subsist, to make a living, to reside, to spend one's life 
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