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adjective | verb

exciting adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
emocionante; excitante

Ejemplos de uso de
exciting adjective

  • We went on an exciting trip to Africa.
  • She gave us an exciting account of her adventures.
  • This isn't a very exciting book.

Sinónimos de
exciting adjective

excite verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
excited, has excited, is exciting, excites
excitar, mover, estimular; entusiasmar, animar; provocar, despertar, suscitar

Ejemplos de uso de
excite verb

  • ideas that excite young people
  • Our announcement excited the children.
  • The posters excited much interest in the show.

Sinónimos detallados para excite verb

Ver: Provoke, Thrill

Traducción inversa para exciting

emocionante  - moving, touching, exciting, thrilling 
excitante  - exciting 
excitar  - to excite, to arouse 
mover  - to move, to shift, to shake, to nod (the head), to power, to drive, to provoke, to cause, to excite, to stir 
estimular  - to stimulate, to encourage 
entusiasmar  - to excite, to fill with enthusiasm 
animar  - to encourage, to inspire, to animate, to enliven, to brighten up, to cheer up 
provocar  - to provoke, to cause, to provoke, to pique 
despertar  - to arouse, to wake, to awaken, to wake up, to elicit, to evoke 
suscitar  - to provoke, to give rise to 
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