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unjustified adjective

unfavorite favorite

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unjustified adjective

Detailed synonyms for unjustified adjective

Unjustified, unwarranted, gratuitous, uncalled-for, undue significan hecho sin necesidad, compulsión, autorización, o provocación.
  • Unjustified, unwarranted connota carente de razón fundamental <he assured her that her jealousy was unjustified> <the government's unwarranted intrusion into his privacy>.
    antonyms: justified, warranted
  • Gratuitous generalmente aplica a algo ofensivo o desagradable dado o hecho sin provocación <a gratuitous insult>.
    antonyms: deserved
  • Uncalled-for connota una impertinencia gratuita o una absurdidad lógica <resented her uncalled-for advice>.
  • Undue significa excesivo <claimed that the police had used undue force>.
    antonyms: appropriate, proper

Reverse translation for unjustified

injustificado  - unjustified, unwarranted 
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