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2 Translation results for swing in Spanish

noun | verb

swing noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vaivén, balanceo; viraje, movimiento; columpio (para niños)
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Example sentences of
swing noun

  • One swing of the hammer was all it took to drive the nail through the board.
  • the swing of a pendulum
  • upward swings in the stock market
  • The kids were playing on the swings.
  • We sat on the porch swing and watched the neighbors.

Synonyms of
swing noun

swing verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
swung, has swung, is swinging, swings
describir una curva con; balancearse (dícese de los brazos, etc.), oscilar (dícese de un objeto), columpiarse, mecerse (en un columpio); girar (en un pivote); balancear (los brazos, etc.), hacer oscilar; virar, cambiar (dícese de las opiniones, etc.); colgar

Example sentences of
swing verb

  • The sheets swung on the clothesline.
  • The clock's pendulum stopped swinging.
  • She sat on the edge of the table, swinging her legs.
  • The monkeys were swinging from branch to branch high up in the trees.
  • I swung my suitcase into the backseat of the car.
  • She sat on the counter and swung her legs over to the other side.
  • She swung the door open.
  • Be careful how you swing that ax.
  • She swung the bat but missed the ball.
  • She swung her purse at me.

Detailed synonyms for swing verb

1. Swing, wave, flourish, brandish, thrash significan manejar una cosa o moverla de un lado a otro, o para arriba y abajo.
  • Swing indica un movimiento regular o uniforme, normalmente de un lado para otro <swung the rope around in the air>.
  • Wave suele indicar un movimiento suave o continuo <a flag waving in the breeze>.
  • Flourish connota un movimiento vigoroso, ostentoso o grácil de algo que se tiene en la mano <he burst into the room flourishing a document>.
  • Brandish indica un movimiento amenazador o agresivo <came toward him brandishing a baseball bat>.
  • Thrash connota un movimiento vigoroso, abrupto y violento <a swimmer thrashing about in the waves>.
2. Swing, sway, oscillate, vibrate, fluctuate, waver, undulate, wag significan moverse de un lado a otro, para arriba y para abajo y hacia adelante y hacia atrás.
  • Swing indica un movimiento, en forma de arco, de una cosa que está sujetada de un lado o extremo <a deserted house with its door swinging on its hinges>.
  • Sway indica un movimiento lento que describe una curva o que tambalea <tall thin trees swaying in the wind>.
  • Oscillate recalca una alternancia, normalmente rápida, entre dos extremos de dirección <she oscillates between depression and happiness>.
  • Vibrate connota la rápida oscilación de un cuerpo elástico bajo tensión o bajo un impacto <the vibrating strings of a piano>.
  • Fluctuate connota el cambio irregular constante de nivel, intensidad o valor <the stock market fluctuated wildly all week>.
  • Waver recalca un movimiento tambaleante irregular <he was still wavering about which candidate he would vote for>.
  • Undulate connota un suave movimiento parecido a una onda <a field of grass undulating in the wind>.
  • Wag significa mecer hacia delante y hacia atrás con movimientos rápidos y bruscos <the dog was wagging its tail>.

Related phrases for swing

Reverse translation for swing

vaivén  - swinging, swaying, rocking, change, fluctuation 
balanceo  - swaying, rocking, vacillation 
viraje  - turn, swerve, change 
movimiento  - movement, motion 
columpio  (para niños) - swing 
balancearse  (dícese de los brazos, etc.) - to swing, to sway, to rock, to hesitate, to vacillate 
oscilar  (dícese de un objeto) - to swing, to sway, to oscillate, to fluctuate, to vacillate, to waver 
columpiarse  - to swing 
mecerse  (en un columpio) - to rock, to swing, to sway 
girar  (en un pivote) - to turn, to twist, to rotate, to turn around, to revolve, to draft (checks), to swing around, to swivel, to transfer (funds) 
balancear  (los brazos, etc.) - to balance, to swing (one's arms, etc.), to rock (a boat) 
virar  - to tack, to turn, to veer 
cambiar  (dícese de las opiniones, etc.) - to change, to change, to exchange, to trade 
colgar  - to hang (up), to put up, to hang (someone), to hang up (a telephone), to fail (an exam) 
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