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parallel adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
parallel adjective

  • These two sentences are parallel in structure.
  • Notice the parallel development of the two technologies.
  • the parallel careers of the two movie stars

Detailed synonyms for parallel adjective

See: Similar

parallel noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
línea paralela, superficie paralela; paralelo (en geografía); paralelismo, semejanza

Example sentences of
parallel noun

  • These myths have some striking parallels with myths found in cultures around the world.
  • There are many parallels between the stories.
  • Most of the United States is south of the 49th parallel.

Synonyms of
parallel noun

Detailed synonyms for parallel noun

Parallel, counterpart, analogue, match significan uno que corresponde a otro, o le es muy semejante.
  • Parallel indica que las dos cosas que se comparan son tan semejantes que la falta de divergencia entre ellas connota líneas paralelas <there were many parallels between the two artists' lives>.
  • Counterpart connota una relación complementaria, y a veces inversa <her counterpart on the other team>.
  • Analogue suele indicar una semejanza más remota, y puede suponer una comparación que sirve para clarificar, iluminar o demostrar <he intended his composition to be a musical analogue to Picasso's Cubist paintings>.
  • Match connota alguien o algo que es igual a o tan bueno como otro <he was no match for his opponent>.
    antonyms: mismatch

parallel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
paralleled, has paralleled, is paralleling, parallels
ser paralelo a, ser análogo a, corresponder con; extenderse en línea paralela con
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The stream parallels the road.

Example sentences of
parallel verb

  • Their test results parallel our own.
  • Rising prices parallel increasing fuel costs.
  • Spending is paralleled by an increase in the number of loans given.
  • The highway parallels the river.

Synonyms of
parallel verb

Reverse translation for parallel

paralelo  - parallel 
paralelo  (en geografía) - parallel 
paralelismo  - parallelism, similarity 
semejanza  - similarity, resemblance, similitude 
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