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noun | verb

object noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
objeto; objetivo, propósito; complemento (en gramática)

Example sentences of
object noun

  • There were three objects in the box: a comb, a pen, and a button.
  • His object is to determine how much the business will cost to operate.

Detailed synonyms for object noun

object verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
objected, has objected, is objecting, objects
objetar; oponerse, poner reparos, hacer objeciones

Example sentences of
object verb

  • No one objected when the paintings were removed.
  • “We can't buy the chair,” he objected. “It won't fit in the car.”

Synonyms of
object verb

Detailed synonyms for object verb

Object, protest significan oponerse a algo mediante el uso de argumentos en contra.
  • Object recalca la antipatía o la aversión <she objected to what he had said>.
    antonyms: acquiesce
  • Protest connota el hacer una presentación ordenada de objeciones, ya sea oralmente o por escrito <a demonstration protesting the war>.
    antonyms: agree

Related phrases for object

Reverse translation for object

objeto  - object, thing, objective, purpose 
objetivo  - objective, goal, target, lens 
propósito  - purpose, intention 
complemento  (en gramática) - complement, supplement, supplementary pay, allowance 
objetar  - to object 
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