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matar verbo

to kill; to kill; to slaughter, to butcher; to extinguish, to put out (fire, light); to tone down (colors); to pass, to waste (time); to trump (in card games)

Reverse translation for matar

to kill  - matar, acabar con, poner fin a 
to slaughter  - matar (animales), masacrar (personas) 
to butcher  - matar (animales), matar, asesinar, masacrar, estropear, hacer una chapuza 
to extinguish  - extinguir, apagar 
to put out  (fire, light)
to tone down  (colors) - atenuar, suavizar, moderar 
to pass  - pasar por, pasar, cruzarse, pasarse, adelantar, pasar (tiempo), transcurrir, ocurrir, aprobar (un examen, una ley), aprobar (en un examen), fallar 
to waste  (time)
to trump  (in card games)
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