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lurk verb

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lurked, has lurked, is lurking, lurks
acechar, espiar, merodear; espiar (por internet)
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The cat is lurking in the grass.

Example sentences of
lurk verb

  • She could tell there was someone out there lurking in the shadows.
  • we caught a glimpse of someone lurking around the corner

Synonyms of
lurk verb

Detailed synonyms for lurk verb

Lurk, skulk, slink, sneak, creep, steal, prowl significan conducirse furtivamente con el fin de eludir la atención.
  • Lurk indica el estar al acecho en un lugar de ocultación y suele connotar una intención siniestra <she saw dangers lurking everywhere>.
  • Skulk connota movimientos furtivos y cobardía o miedo, o una intención siniestra <noticed a cat skulking in the shadows>.
  • Slink indica sigilosidad de movimiento para eludir la atención, y puede connotar una astuta cautela <she yelled at the dog and it slunk away>.
  • Sneak puede añadir una indicación de entrar a un lugar o salirse de él, o de evadir una dificultad mediante métodos furtivos, indirectos o solapados <he sneaked out after the others had fallen asleep>.
  • Creep connota moverse lentamente y silenciosamente para no ser detectado <she crept into bed next to her sleeping husband>.
  • Steal sugiere moverse gradualmente o secretamente <stole into the room when no one was around>.
  • Prowl connota moverse furtivamente como en la búsqueda de una presa <the police prowl the area at night>.

Reverse translation for lurk

acechar  - to watch, to spy on, to stalk, to lie in wait for 
espiar  - to spy, to spy on, to observe 
merodear  - to maraud, to pillage, to prowl around, to skulk 
espiar  (por internet) - to spy, to spy on, to observe 
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