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2 Translation results for flap in Spanish

verb | noun

flap verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
flapped, has flapped, is flapping, flaps
aletear; batir, agitar; ondear, agitarse

Example sentences of
flap verb

  • The breeze flapped the sails.
  • The flag flapped in the breeze.
  • The bird's wings were flapping.

Synonyms of
flap verb

flap noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
aleteo, aletazo (de alas); soplada (de un sobre), hoja (de una mesa), faldón (de una chaqueta)

Example sentences of
flap noun

  • She opened the tent flap and crawled outside.
  • the inside flap of a book's cover
  • a loose flap of skin

Synonyms of
flap noun

Reverse translation for flap

aletear  - to flutter, to flap one's wings 
batir  - to beat, to hit, to defeat, to mix, to beat, to break (a record) 
agitar  - to agitate, to shake, to wave, to flap, to stir up 
ondear  - to ripple, to undulate, to flutter 
agitarse  - to toss about, to flap around, to get upset 
aleteo  - flapping, flutter 
aletazo  (de alas)
soplada  (de un sobre)
hoja  (de una mesa) - leaf, petal, blade (of grass), sheet (of paper), page (of a book), form, blade (of a knife) 
faldón  (de una chaqueta) - tail (of a shirt, etc.), full skirt 
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