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double verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
doubled, has doubled, is doubling, doubles
doblar, duplicar (una cantidad), redoblar (esfuerzos); doblarse, duplicarse; plegar

Ejemplos de uso de
double verb

  • We all doubled over laughing.
  • He doubled up in pain.

Sinónimos de
double verb

double noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
double noun

  • I'll have one more glass of vodka. Make it a double, please.
  • People often tell me that I'm his double.
  • The actress's double did all of the dangerous scenes.
  • Can you tell if it's the actor or his double in that shot?
  • He hit a double in the eighth inning.

double adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
double adjective

  • One of the eggs had a double yolk.
  • The truck crossed the double yellow line and entered the other lane.
  • My name is “Allison,” with a double “l.”
  • Go through those double doors and walk to the end of the hall.
  • I'll have a double espresso, please.
  • a double dose of medicine
  • a double order of fries

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Traducción inversa para double

doblar  - to double, to turn, to toll, to ring, to fold, to bend, to turn, to dub 
duplicar  (una cantidad) - to double, to duplicate, to copy, to replicate 
redoblar  (esfuerzos) - to redouble, to strengthen 
doblarse  - to fold up, to double over, to give in, to yield 
plegar  - to fold, to bend 
doble  - double, toll (of a bell), knell, stand-in, double 
doble  - double 
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