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verb | noun

dispatch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dispatched, has dispatched, is dispatching, dispatches
despachar, enviar; matar

Ejemplos de uso de
dispatch verb

  • Rescue workers were immediately dispatched to the area.
  • The hotel dispatched a limo to pick us up from the airport.
  • He dispatched the guard with one bullet.

Sinónimos de
dispatch verb

dispatch noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
envío, despacho; reportaje (de un periodista), parte (en el ejército); prontitud, rapidez

Ejemplos de uso de
dispatch noun

  • The general sent a dispatch to headquarters.
  • He requested the immediate dispatch of supplies.
  • The reporter sent many dispatches from the war zone.

Sinónimos de
dispatch noun

Traducción inversa para dispatch

despachar  - to complete, to conclude, to deal with, to take care of, to handle, to dispatch, to send off, to finish off, to kill 
enviar  - to send, to ship 
matar  - to kill, to kill, to slaughter, to butcher, to extinguish, to put out (fire, light), to tone down (colors), to pass, to waste (time), to trump (in card games) 
envío  - shipment, remittance 
despacho  - dispatch, shipment, office, study 
reportaje  (de un periodista) - article, story, report 
parte  (en el ejército) - part, share, part, place, party (in negotiations, etc.), report, dispatch 
prontitud  - promptness, speed 
rapidez  - rapidity, speed 
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