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cut out verb

unfavorite favorite

Ejemplos de uso de
cut out verb

  • The engine abruptly cut out.
  • Now cut that out, or I'm turning this car around!
  • That's enough, kids. I mean it! Cut it out!
  • We were in a hurry to get home, so we cut out before the performance ended.

cut noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
corte; tajo, cortadura; rebaja, reducción

Ejemplos de uso de
cut noun

  • Make a few small cuts in the crust to let the air escape.
  • a two-inch cut in the cloth
  • He came home covered in cuts and bruises.
  • Further cuts in spending are needed.
  • You'll have to make a few cuts in your manuscript if you want us to publish it.

Sinónimos de
cut noun

Traducción inversa para cut out

recortar  - to cut, to reduce, to cut out, to trim, to cut off, to outline 
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