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verb | noun

curl verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
curled, has curled, is curling, curls
rizar, ondular (el pelo); rizarse, ondularse; enrollar; torcer

Ejemplos de uso de
curl verb

  • She curls her hair every morning.
  • Can you curl your tongue?
  • The baby's fingers were tightly curled.
  • The snake curled itself around its prey.
  • The cat curled into a ball and went to sleep.
  • We saw smoke curling from the cottage chimney.
  • A snake curled around his leg.

Sinónimos de
curl verb

curl noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
rizo; espiral, rosca

Ejemplos de uso de
curl noun

  • Her daughter has cute blonde curls.
  • She likes to wear her hair in curls.
  • The conditioner will help you keep the curl of your hair.
  • His hair has a natural curl.
  • He did 12 wrist curls.

Sinónimos de
curl noun

Verbos frasales para curl

  • curl up - acurrucarse (con un libro, etc.)

Traducción inversa para curl

rizar  - to curl, to ripple, to ruffle (a surface), to crumple, to fold 
ondular  (el pelo) - to undulate, to ripple, to wave (hair) 
rizarse  - to frizz, to ripple 
enrollar  - to roll up, to coil 
torcer  - to bend, to twist, to turn, to sprain, to turn (a corner), to wring, to wring out, to distort 
rizo  - curl, loop (in aviation) 
espiral  - spiral 
rosca  - thread (of a screw), ring, coil 
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