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crease noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pliegue, doblez, raya (de pantalones)
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Very old paper with creases on it

Ejemplos de uso de
crease noun

  • He ironed his pants to make the creases sharp.
  • a crease in the paper
  • tiny creases at the corners of his eyes
  • Players from the opposing team may not enter the crease.
  • The batsman moved out of the crease.

crease verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
creased, has creased, is creasing, creases
plegar, poner una raya en (pantalones); arrugar

Ejemplos de uso de
crease verb

  • a neatly creased pair of pants
  • The pages of the book were stained and creased.
  • She looked up, her face creasing into a smile.

Sinónimos de
crease verb

crear verbo

to create, to cause; to originate

Traducción inversa para crease

pliegue  - crease, fold, pleat 
doblez  - fold, crease, duplicity, deceitfulness 
raya  (de pantalones) - line, stripe, skate, ray, part (in the hair), crease (in clothing) 
plegar  - to fold, to bend 
poner una raya en  (pantalones)
arrugar  - to wrinkle, to crease, to pucker 
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