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noun | verb

crawl noun

unfavorite favorite
(natación) crol; (figurado) paso de tortuga
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Traffic moving at a crawl

Ejemplos de uso de
crawl noun

  • Near the construction site, traffic had slowed to a crawl.
  • The bus was moving along at a crawl.
  • Her strongest stroke is the crawl.

crawl verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
crawled, has crawled, is crawling, crawls
arrastrarse, gatear (dícese de un bebé); estar plagado

Ejemplos de uso de
crawl verb

  • Does the baby crawl yet?
  • We got down on our knees and crawled through a small opening.
  • The baby crawled across the floor toward her mother.
  • The soldiers crawled forward on their bellies.
  • The snake crawled into its hole.
  • They're doing construction on the road, so traffic is crawling.
  • I worked late into the night, and it was 2 a.m. before I finally crawled into bed.
  • The bus crawled along the rough and narrow road.
  • The days slowly crawled by.
  • Work on the project has crawled to a standstill.

Sinónimos de
crawl verb

Sinónimos detallados para crawl verb

Ver: Creep

Traducción inversa para crawl

crol  (natación)
paso de tortuga  (figurado)
arrastrarse  - to crawl, to grovel 
gatear  (dícese de un bebé) - to crawl, to climb, to clamber (up) 
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