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noun | verb

court noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
palacio; corte, séquito; patio; cancha (de tenis, baloncesto, etc.); tribunal

Ejemplos de uso de
court noun

  • Court is now in session.
  • Court is adjourned for the day.
  • There was a large group of protesters outside the court.
  • a lawyer who has appeared in courts around the country
  • The case is before the state's highest court.
  • She's a judge on an appellate court.
  • The prosecution has new evidence to submit to the court.
  • Please explain to the court what happened that night.
  • The court ruled the law unconstitutional.
  • The court reversed the lower court's decision.

Sinónimos de
court noun

court verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
courted, has courted, is courting, courts
cortejar, galantear

Ejemplos de uso de
court verb

  • The couple courted for two years before marrying.
  • He was courting his college sweetheart.
  • a pair of robins courting
  • The male will sometimes court the female for hours.
  • college teams courting high school basketball stars
  • The speech was clearly intended to court middle-class voters.

Sinónimos de
court verb


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Traducción inversa para court

palacio  - palace, mansion 
corte  - court, cut, cutting, style, fit 
séquito  - retinue, entourage 
patio  - courtyard, patio 
cancha  (de tenis, baloncesto, etc.) - court, field (for sports) 
tribunal  - court, tribunal 
cortejar  - to court, to woo 
galantear  - to court, to woo, to flirt with 
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