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verb | noun

counsel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
counselled, has counselled, is counselling, counsels
aconsejar, asesorar, recomendar; consultar

Ejemplos de uso de
counsel verb

  • He counsels people who are trying to quit drinking.
  • concerned parents counseling about the problem of substance abuse in their community

Sinónimos de
counsel verb

counsel noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
consejo, recomendación; consulta; abogado, -da

Ejemplos de uso de
counsel noun

  • You were unwise to reject my counsel.
  • The student sought counsel from her teacher.
  • She is serving as counsel for the defendant.
  • All counsel are expected to obey the rules of the court.

Sinónimos de
counsel noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • No confundir counsel con council.

Sinónimos detallados para counsel noun

Ver: Advice, Lawyer

Traducción inversa para counsel

aconsejar  - to advise, to counsel 
asesorar  - to advise, to counsel 
recomendar  - to recommend, to advise 
consultar  - to consult 
consejo  - advice, counsel, council 
recomendación  - recommendation 
consulta  - consultation, inquiry 
abogado  - lawyer, attorney 
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