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complaint noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
queja; afección, dolencia; reclamo

Ejemplos de uso de
complaint noun

  • The board has received a number of complaints about the new policy.
  • The company has a system to handle customer complaints.
  • The lack of parking spaces is a common complaint among the city's residents.
  • The lack of financial support is our biggest complaint.
  • He is being treated for a stomach complaint.
  • Shortness of breath was a common complaint among the patients.

Sinónimos de
complaint noun

Traducción inversa para complaint

queja  - complaint 
afección  - fondness, affection, illness, complaint 
dolencia  - ailment, malaise 
reclamo  - bird call, lure, lure, decoy, inducement, attraction, advertisement, complaint 
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