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noun | verb

chill noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fresco, frío; escalofrío; enfriamiento

Ejemplos de uso de
chill noun

  • There was a chill in the autumn air.
  • He closed the windows to keep out the chill.
  • Her symptoms include chills and a fever.
  • He caught a chill that turned into a bad cold.
  • The novel's final scene gave him the chills.
  • Her words sent chills down my spine.

Sinónimos de
chill noun

chill verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
chilled, has chilled, is chilling, chills

Ejemplos de uso de
chill verb

  • Chill the dessert for one hour before serving it.
  • Let the dessert chill for one hour before serving it.
  • Here's a ghost story that will chill you.
  • Her screams chilled me to the bone .
  • a horrible sight that chilled my bones
  • He thinks his parents are way too uptight and says they should just chill.
  • I decided to stay home and chill.

Traducción inversa para chills

fresco  - coolness, fresh air, fresco 
frío  - cold, coldness, indifference 
escalofrío  - shiver, chill, shudder 
enfriamiento  - chill, cold, cooling off, damper 
enfriar  - to chill, to cool, to get cold, to cool down, to dampen 
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