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budge verb

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budged, has budged, is budging, budges
moverse, desplazarse; ceder

Ejemplos de uso de
budge verb

  • Their horses refused to budge.
  • The door was stuck, and we couldn't even get it to budge.
  • Could you try opening this jar for me? I can't budge the lid.
  • We tried to change her mind, but we couldn't budge her.

Sinónimos de
budge verb

Traducción inversa para budge

moverse  - to move, to move over, to hurry, to get a move on, to get moving, to make an effort 
ceder  - to cede, to hand over, to yield, to give way, to diminish, to abate, to give in, to relent, to cave in, to back down 
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