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break out verb

unfavorite favorite
broke out, has broken out, is breaking out, breaks out
salirse; estallar (dícese de una guerra, la violencia, etc.); fugarse, escaparse

Ejemplos de uso de
break out verb

  • In the wake of news reports of deaths from the flu, panic broke out, and there was a mad rush for flu shots.
  • There is a danger that war could break out soon.
  • Six prisoners attempted to break out of the jail.
  • We need to break out of the financial rut we're in.

Sinónimos de
break out verb

broke adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
(argot) arruinado, en bancarrota
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He’s broke.

Ejemplos de uso de
broke adjective

  • She is broke and homeless.
  • Can I borrow 10 dollars? I'm broke until payday.

Traducción inversa para broke out

salirse  - to escape, to get out, to leak out, to come loose, to come off 
estallar  (dícese de una guerra, la violencia, etc.) - to burst, to explode, to erupt, to break out 
fugarse  - to escape, to flee, to run away, to elope 
escaparse  - to escape notice, to leak out 
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