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noun | verb

breeding noun

unfavorite favorite
reproducción, cría; crianza

Ejemplos de uso de
breeding noun

  • She became involved in the breeding of sled dogs.
  • His politeness shows good breeding.
  • a person who lacks breeding

breed verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bred, has bred, is breeding, breeds
criar (animales); reproducirse; engendrar, producir; criar, educar

Ejemplos de uso de
breed verb

  • He got into the business of breeding cattle.
  • The plants are bred to resist disease and drought.
  • She believes that we are breeding a generation of children who know nothing about the history of their country.

Sinónimos de
breed verb

Traducción inversa para breeding

reproducción  - reproduction 
cría  - breeding, rearing, young, litter 
crianza  - upbringing, rearing 
criar  (animales) - to breed, to bring up, to raise 
reproducirse  - to breed, to reproduce, to recur 
engendrar  - to beget, to father, to give rise to, to engender 
producir  - to produce, to make, to manufacture, to cause, to bring about, to bear (interest) 
criar  - to breed, to bring up, to raise 
educar  - to educate, to bring up, to raise, to train 
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