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breathe verb

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breathed, has breathed, is breathing, breathes
respirar; aspirar; vivir; decir

Ejemplos de uso de
breathe verb

  • He was breathing hard from running.
  • The patient suddenly stopped breathing.
  • I can hardly breathe with all this smoke.
  • He wants to live where he can breathe clean air.
  • a dragon that breathes fire
  • People usually contract the virus by breathing contaminated air.
  • Breathe deeply and then exhale.
  • I'll never give up as long as I'm still breathing.
  • a living, breathing human being

Sinónimos de
breathe verb

Traducción inversa para breathed

respirar  - to breathe 
aspirar  - to inhale, to breathe in, to aspire to 
vivir  - to live, to live, to be alive, to go through, to experience, to subsist, to make a living, to reside, to spend one's life 
decir  - to say, to tell, to speak, to talk, to call 
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