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noun | verb

bed noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cama, lecho; cauce (de un río), fondo (del mar); arriate (para plantas); estrato, capa

Ejemplos de uso de
bed noun

  • There are two beds in the room.
  • There are two beds in the hotel room.
  • He lay in bed all morning.
  • The blanket by the fireplace is the dog's bed.
  • Her bed was a mound of soft pine needles.
  • I'm planning on putting a bed of perennials in that corner of the yard.
  • The room contains only a bed and a dresser.

Sinónimos de
bed noun

bed verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bedded, has bedded, is bedding, beds
acostar; acostarse

Ejemplos de uso de
bed verb

  • He has fantasies about bedding a fashion model.
  • the campers all bedded down for the night around 9:00 p.m.

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Traducción inversa para bed

cama  - bed 
lecho  - bed, riverbed, layer, stratum (in geology) 
cauce  (de un río) - riverbed, means 
fondo  (del mar) - bottom, rear, back, end, depth, background, sea bed, fund, slip, petticoat 
arriate  (para plantas) - bed (for plants), border 
estrato  - stratum, layer 
capa  - cape, cloak, coating, layer, stratum, (social) class, stratum 
acostar  - to lay (something) down, to put to bed 
acostarse  - to lie down, to go to bed 
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