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arrive verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
arrived, has arrived, is arriving, arrives
llegar, arribar; triunfar, tener éxito

Ejemplos de uso de
arrive verb

  • He arrived home at six o'clock.
  • We had some dinner before arriving at the station.
  • When do you expect them to arrive in Boston?
  • Their flight is due to arrive at 11:30.
  • The train from New York is now arriving.
  • They arrived late at the party.
  • The mail hasn't arrived yet.
  • The new version of the software has finally arrived in stores.
  • There's always a lot to do when spring arrives.
  • When is their baby expected to arrive?

Sinónimos de
arrive verb

¿Qué preposición sigue al verbo arrive?
  • El verbo arrive es seguido por las preposiciones at o in, dependiendo del tipo de lugar mencionado. Ejemplo: The students arrived at school. The tourists arrived in London.

Traducción inversa para arrives

llegar  - to arrive, to come 
arribar  - to arrive, to dock, to put into port 
triunfar  - to triumph, to win 
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