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advantage noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ventaja, superioridad; provecho, partido

Ejemplos de uso de
advantage noun

  • Higher ground gave the enemy the advantage.
  • He has an unfair advantage over us because of his wealth.
  • His plan has the advantage of being less expensive than other options.
  • He lacked the advantages of an advanced education.
  • Speed is an advantage in most sports.
  • The company's only advantage over the competition is its location.
  • Applicants for this job will find that previous experience is an advantage.
  • Being able to set your own schedule is one of the advantages of owning a business.
  • Among the advantages of a small college is its campus life.
  • There isn't any advantage in leaving early.

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advantage noun

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Traducción inversa para advantage

ventaja  - advantage, lead, head start 
superioridad  - superiority 
provecho  - benefit, advantage 
partido  - (political) party, game, match, support, following, profit, advantage 
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