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bomb noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
bomb noun

  • A bomb went off downtown.
  • Many bombs were dropped on the city during the war.
  • They hid a bomb in the building.
  • countries that have the bomb
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  • Tenga en cuenta la pronunciación. La b no se pronuncia. Bomb rima con el nombre Tom.

bomb verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bombed, has bombed, is bombing, bombs

Ejemplos de uso de
bomb verb

  • The city was heavily bombed during the war.
  • The planes flew 200 miles to bomb their target.
  • The movie bombed at the box office.
  • The play bombed on Broadway.
  • He bombed at his first performance.
  • I completely bombed my math exam.
  • A car was bombing down the highway.
  • teenagers bombing around in a convertible


unfavorite favorite play sound
bomba atómica

Traducción inversa para a bomb

bomba  - bomb, bubble, pump 
bombardear  - to bomb, to bombard 
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