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field verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fielded, has fielded, is fielding, fields
interceptar y devolver (una pelota), presentar (un candidato), sortear (una pregunta)

Ejemplos de uso de
field verb

  • The shortstop fielded the ground ball.
  • a shortstop who fields his position flawlessly
  • Last week she fielded two offers on her house.
  • His secretary will field requests for more information.
  • The senator fielded the reporters' questions.
  • They expect to field a strong team this year.
  • the greatest fighting force that any nation has ever fielded

Traducción inversa para fielding

interceptar y devolver  (una pelota)
presentar  (un candidato) - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
sortear  (una pregunta) - to raffle, to draw lots for, to dodge, to avoid 
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