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verb | noun

twirl verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
twirled, has twirled, is twirling, twirls
girar, dar vueltas (rápidamente); darle vueltas a
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Ejemplos de uso de
twirl verb

  • They twirled past us on the dance floor.
  • The cheerleaders jumped and twirled.
  • The kite twisted and twirled in the wind.
  • The chef twirled the noodles around his fork.

twirl noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
giro, vuelta

Ejemplos de uso de
twirl noun

  • The dancers executed perfect twirls.
  • the twirl of the dancer's skirt mesmerized me

Traducción inversa para twirl

girar  - to turn, to twist, to rotate, to turn around, to revolve, to draft (checks), to swing around, to swivel, to transfer (funds) 
dar vueltas  (rápidamente)
giro  - turn, rotation, change of direction 
vuelta  - turn, circle, revolution, flip, turn, bend, curve, return, round, lap (in sports or games) 
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