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noun | verb

tumble noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
voltereta, caída

Ejemplos de uso de
tumble noun

  • cleaned a crazy tumble of buttons, hair bands, loose change, and old candy wrappers out from the couch cushions
  • took a little tumble on the ice

tumble verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tumbled, has tumbled, is tumbling, tumbles
dar volteretas (en acrobacia); volcar; hacer girar; caerse, venirse abajo

Ejemplos de uso de
tumble verb

  • He tripped and tumbled to the ground.
  • The statue came tumbling down during the riots.
  • The satellite was tumbling out of control.
  • She slipped and tumbled down the hill.
  • Everyone came tumbling out of the bar at closing time.
  • He tumbled into bed and fell asleep.
  • Water tumbled over the rocks.

Sinónimos de
tumble verb

Traducción inversa para tumble

voltereta  - somersault, tumble 
caída  - fall, drop, collapse, downfall 
dar volteretas  (en acrobacia)
volcar  - to overturn, to tip over, to upset, to knock over, to turn over, to capsize, to empty out, to make dizzy, to cause a change of mind in, to irritate 
caerse  - to fall down 
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