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noun | verb

muscle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
musculo; fuerza

Ejemplos de uso de
muscle noun

  • He pulled a muscle playing tennis.
  • She has a strained muscle in her back.
  • She started lifting weights to build muscle.
  • She doesn't have the muscle to lift something so heavy.
  • the muscles of the arm
  • an athlete with bulging muscles

Sinónimos de
muscle noun

Sinónimos detallados para muscle noun

Ver: Power

muscle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
muscled, has muscled, is muscling, muscles

Ejemplos de uso de
muscle verb

  • They muscled the heavy boxes onto the truck.
  • They muscled the furniture up the stairs.
  • He muscled through the crowd.
  • They muscled into line behind us.

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Traducción inversa para muscle

musculo  - muscle 
fuerza  - strength, vigor, force, power, might 
meterse  - to get into, to enter, to meddle, to jump in 
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