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noun | verb

murder noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
asesinato, homicidio

Ejemplos de uso de
murder noun

  • She was accused of murder.
  • the mass murder of civilians in wartime
  • a string of unsolved murders
  • Traffic is murder this time of day.

murder verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
murdered, has murdered, is murdering, murders
asesinar, matar

Ejemplos de uso de
murder verb

  • He was arrested and accused of murdering his wife.
  • His wife was found murdered.
  • a dictator who is responsible for murdering thousands of innocent people
  • The band murdered that song.

Sinónimos de
murder verb

Sinónimos detallados para murder verb

Ver: Kill

Frases relacionadas para murder

Traducción inversa para murder

asesinato  - murder, assassination 
homicidio  - homicide, murder 
asesinar  - to murder, to assassinate 
matar  - to kill, to kill, to slaughter, to butcher, to extinguish, to put out (fire, light), to tone down (colors), to pass, to waste (time), to trump (in card games) 
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