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noun | verb

maneuver noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
maneuver noun

  • With a quick maneuver, she avoided an accident.
  • Through a series of legal maneuvers, the defense lawyer kept her client out of jail.
  • He led his troops in a well-planned maneuver.
  • To prepare for war, the army is performing maneuvers off the coast.
  • The army is on maneuvers.

Sinónimos de
maneuver noun

Sinónimos detallados para maneuver noun

Ver: Trick

maneuver verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
maneuvered, has maneuvered, is maneuvering, maneuvers
maniobrar; posicionar, colocar; manipular

Ejemplos de uso de
maneuver verb

  • She maneuvered her car into the tiny garage.
  • It took seven people to maneuver the tiger out of its cage.
  • We had a hard time maneuvering our furniture through the doorway.
  • The giant ships maneuvered into their docks.
  • The vehicle easily maneuvered through rocky terrain.
  • They held hands while maneuvering through the crowd.
  • The companies are maneuvering for position in the limited market.
  • Somehow, she always manages to maneuver herself out of difficult situations.
  • We maneuvered our troops to the south.
  • The opposing forces maneuvered quickly.

Sinónimos de
maneuver verb

Traducción inversa para maneuver

maniobra  - maneuver, stratagem 
maniobrar  - to maneuver 
posicionar  - to position, to place, to establish 
colocar  - to place, to put, to find a job for, to invest 
manipular  - to manipulate, to handle 
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