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adjective | verb

imposing adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
imponente, impresionante

Ejemplos de uso de
imposing adjective

  • He's an imposing man with a powerful voice.
  • the president of the bank is exactly the sort of imposing figure that one might expect

Sinónimos de
imposing adjective

Sinónimos detallados para imposing adjective

Ver: Grand

impose verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
imposed, has imposed, is imposing, imposes
aprovecharse, abusar, molestar; imponer

Ejemplos de uso de
impose verb

  • The judge imposed a life sentence.
  • I needed to break free from the limits imposed by my own fear of failure.
  • He imposed his will on his subjects.

Sinónimos de
impose verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Cuando alguien te dice I wouldn't like to impose, el o ella no quiere molestar o pedir demasiado, y quieren que sepas que ese es el caso. Por ejemplo: I could stay at your place during the holiday, but I don't want to impose.

Sinónimos detallados para impose verb

Ver: Dictate

Traducción inversa para imposing

imponente  - imposing, impressive 
impresionante  - impressive, incredible, amazing 
abusar  - to go too far, to do something to excess 
molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
imponer  - to impose, to be impressive, to command respect, to confer 
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