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noun | adjective

excess noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
exceso, superfluidad; excedente, sobrante

Ejemplos de uso de
excess noun

  • They were equipped with an excess of provisions.
  • The tests found an excess of sodium in his blood.
  • He lived a life of excess.
  • The movie embraces all the worst excesses of popular American culture.
  • the violent excesses of the military regime
  • He apologized for his past excesses.

Sinónimos de
excess noun

excess adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
excesivo, de sobra

Ejemplos de uso de
excess adjective

  • Basketball provided an outlet for their excess energy.
  • She is trying to eliminate excess fat and calories from her diet.

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Traducción inversa para excess

exceso  - excess 
superfluidad  - superfluity 
excedente  - surplus, excess 
sobrante  - remainder, surplus 
excesivo  - excessive 
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