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become verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
became, has become, is becoming, becomes
hacerse, volverse, ponerse; ser apropiado para; favorecer, quedarle bien (a alguien)

Ejemplos de uso de
become verb

  • Although I've known him for years, we didn't become close friends until recently.
  • She won the election, becoming the first woman to be President of the nation.
  • The book has become quite popular.
  • We became interested in the property last year.
  • The crackers had become stale.
  • It eventually became clear that he had lied.
  • This kind of behavior hardly becomes a person of your age and position.

Sinónimos de
become verb

Traducción inversa para become

hacerse  - to become, to pretend, to act, to play, to seem, to get, to grow 
volverse  - to become, to turn around 
ponerse  - to move (into a position), to put on, to wear, to thrown on (clothes), to become, to turn, to set (of the sun or moon) 
favorecer  - to favor, to look well on, to suit 
quedarle bien  (a alguien)
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